Director: Fabrício Bittar. With: Dani Calabresa, Léo Lins, Danilo Gentili. Murilo Couto. Brazil 2018. 108 mins.


UK PREMIERE - GHOSTBUSTERS meets BRAINDEAD in the hilariously epic, bloody Brazilian blockbuster. Four YouTubers with expertise in supernatural Reality Shows want to broaden their reach with edgier content. So when they receive a call to exorcise a demon haunting the toilets of a local high school, they accept without hesitation. But the spirit they encounter is none other than the urban legendary Bloody Mary and locked in the building with hysterical students and randy teachers, they must endure every nasty nightmare to survive. ‘Ghoulz Out’ in this instant fan boy classic featuring fun Fulci, Coffin Joe and Friedkin gags drenched in gore galore.


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ENGLISH PREMIERE - TROLL BRIDGE. Director : Daniel Knight. With : Don Bridges, Nicholas Dubberley, Leon Dürr. Australia 16 mins.

An old barbarian and his talking horse embark on a suicidal quest to battle a bridge troll. Troll Bridge is a live-action / hand animated hybrid, lovingly crafted from the Discworld fairy-tale by Sir Terry Pratchett.



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