Director: Kiah Roache-Turner. With: Ben O’Toole, Epine Bob, Savea, Dave Beamish, Monica Bellucci. Australia 2018. 99 mins.


UK PREMIERE - From the WYRMWOOD team: a gory, kickass, OTT, future Ozploitation classic. Ancient demons are possessing humans through social media. As the eternal fight between Nekromancers and their nemeses rages on, they’ve become locked in a new type of cyber warfare. An app being designed by a soulless corporation of human husks is overseen by the evil Queen of the Underworld (marvellous Monica Bellucci) and any user unknowingly gives their soul to hell. And so, the fate of all mankind now rests on the shoulders of a sanitation worker, an unaware member of a magical sect, and his best friend.


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UK PREMIERE - PLEASE SPEAK CONTINUOUSLY AND DESCRIBE YOUR EXPERIENCES AS THEY COME TO YOU. Director: Brandon Cronenberg. With : Deragh Campbell, Neil Bennett, Ian Goff. Canada  10 mins. Emily is a patient at an experimental psychiatric facility where a brain implant prototype allows her to relive her dreams. Brandon Cronenberg is the director of ANTIVIRAL and the forthcoming POSSESSOR.



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