Director: Emma Tammi. With: Miles Anderson, Caitlin Gerard, Julia Goldani Telles, Dylan McTee. USA 2018. 86 mins.


ENGLISH PREMIERE - A critically acclaimed supernatural chiller set in the late 1800’s Western frontier, LIzzy and Isaac are experienced farmers used to being self-reliant in harsh terrain. So when Emma and Gideon settle nearby they try and help the couple obviously in over their heads. But Lizzy thinks the newcomers are strange and still coping with the recent loss of a child begins to wonder if the constant wind is a sign of an evil presence. Left for days on end as Isaac travels to replenish supplies, Lizzy could be suffering prairie madness because of the true horrors of loneliness and isolation.


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UK PREMIERE - A MIDWINTER NIGHT’S DREAM. Director : Martin Gooch. With : Frances Pooley, Michael McKell, Zara Plessard, Dave Vanian. UK, 7  mins. Every year on Midwinter’s Eve the Sunstone must be returned to the Yew Tree Goddess or the summer will never return and the darkness wil last forever. Young Morrigan doesn’t want to do it. But Morrigan’s mother and the Vicar insist. A magical one-shot short film. This film was shot entirely in one-shot, no edits, no cuts and no cheats!



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