The FrightFest Digital Edition runs from Friday 28th to Monday 31st August 2020 and comprises of 24 films, two short film showcases and two events.


Passes cost £60 + fees and single tickets £5 + fees and will be available from noon on 1st August.


There are two warm-up events on 27th August 2020: a film quiz and a screening of SKY SHARKS. The quiz is free to attend. SKY SHARKS is not part of the festival pass, and therefore you will need to buy a single ticket to view.


All films will ‘stream as live’ at the advertised times, except for the two short film showcases which will be available ‘on-demand’ for the duration of the festival. Each film will stream once at the advertised time (please note, there will be a short pre-show before each film). As with the physical festival, if you join after the advertised time, you will miss the start!


The festival is set up similarly to the physical festival with Arrow Video and the Horror Channel screens. To replicate the Discovery Screen experience, we’ve programmed different films in each screen, prompting you to choose and ‘discover’ your programme.


Ticket holders can only watch one film at a time. If you want to watch more than one film streaming at the same time, you will need to buy a second pass or single ticket! Your festival pass will allow you to view 15 films/events in total: 13 features/events plus the two short film showcases.


Why are we doing things this way? The digital edition is never going to be FrightFest as we know it, but by streaming the films ‘as live’, staggering the start times and encouraging you to make your own film choices, we are trying to replicate the experience of the live event as much as possible and get you all watching the films at the same time.


All the films are Geo-locked and can only be viewed in the UK and Ireland, and only residents of the UK and Ireland can purchase tickets.


Passes and single tickets plus a comprehensive How It Works and Watch guide will be available here from noon on 1st August 2020.


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