Directors: Bernardo & Rafael Antonaccio.

Cast: Paula Silva, Rafael Beltrán, Augusto Gordillo, Luis Pazos.

Uruguay, 2018, 82 mins. 18

Thanks to Salco Films.



EUROPEAN PREMIERE - Excited to introduce her new boyfriend Bruno to her best friends, Alicia organizes a sun-drenched barbecue and swimming party at an abandoned quarry near her hometown they used to frequent as children. At first, it’s all good times, but as the day progresses, secrets are revealed, macho bravado and jealousy appears and bonds are broken. And soon an act of brutality unleashes everyone’s true natures.





Director Scott Lyus

Cast Johnny Vivash, Sophia Eleni, Charlie Bond, James Swanton.

UK, 2019,11 mins. 18



The story of a bereaved family, a father and his two adopted daughters, as they try to come to terms with the loss of their mother; all the while haunted by a dark presence known as Darkness.





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