Director: Damien LeVeck.

Cast: Ryan Guzman, Kyle Gallner, Alix Angelis.

USA 2019. 94 mins. 18.

Thanks to Shudder.



UK PREMIERE - Best friends and millennial entrepreneurs Max and Drew run a popular webcast that streams live exorcisms. Of course they are all staged with terrific special effects but today, fate has a big twist in store. The actress hired to fake being possessed actually does become possessed by a real demon. Worse, the victim is Drew’s real girlfriend, Lane. Together the dumbstruck duo must work against the show clock to figure out the demon’s sinister motive, while the devilish succubus exposes the trio’s dark secrets before a rapidly growing global audience.





Director: Chloe Wicks.

Cast: Charlotte Hamblin.

UK 2019. 4 mins. 18.



A young woman takes a pregnancy test in a public toilet cubicle - with chilling result.





Director: Gustav Egerstedt.

Cast: Sarah Giercksky, Fille Angele, Lija Li Gille, Laurence Zaccheus, Tomio Araki, Xindian Yan, Victor Brott, Julia Dehnisch.

Sweden 2019. 3 mins. 18.



WORLD PREMIERE - A musical love letter and tribute to the victims in horror film history. In an anthemic song the dead unite across genres and time.





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