With Cannes 2016 now in full swing the crowds and industry attendance are notably down. Perhaps it's a reflection of worldwide recession or the potential terrorist threats that have put people off coming.  But for Team FrightFest, it has been business as usual with a raft of meetings, screenings, receptions and YES the weather has stayed mostly decent so far which is a huge relief.


One of my favourite films in the market thus far is Chris (SEVERANCE/ BLACK DEATH) Smith's dark noir film DETOUR. A beautiful big sometimes split screen treat, terrific acting, deftly directed, fabulous score and a perfect ending.


On a different note, I also watched the new documentary about xxx star Rocco Siffredi called ROCCO. An eye-opening and often sad look into the porn industry. With many revealing moments, that will linger in the memory.


The genre offerings up to this point have been the usual mixed bag. There have been a few stand outs and a couple we have now locked for FrightFest August, which we can't wait to let you know about.


There's still a wealth of exciting titles to screen and some complaining that this year's festival is back loaded. Many of the heavy hitters are not being unveiled to late in the second week.  They include Nicolas Winding Refn's THE NEON DEMON, Paul Verhoeven's ELLE (which we caught at a private screening a few days ago) and a few others.


We also hope that if you attended our free, surprise premiere super secret screening of THE CONJURING 2 along with a goody bag and James Wan introduction, that you had a fantastic time. Keep watching the FrightFest website / Twitter and Facebook pages for future events. We wouldn't want you to miss out!


Until next time.


Au revoir





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