Peur[s] Du Noir

The 2008 offerings once more walk among us.
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Peur[s] Du Noir

Post by jonbly »

For jonbly, the insect sequence was good, and the dark house sequence at the end was really good (thin plot, but really well realised art). The rest, though... didn't really hit the button.
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Post by JoeyBroChill »

I fell asleep!
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Post by Fenriz »

What the hell?

Okay it seemed like a good idea having an animation in the line up, gives us some good variety, and from the trailer on youtube it looked dark and sinister, and I thought it was going to be good....well I was spectacularly wrong! This was just a huge pile of non-sensicle arty-farty tedious pretentious bollcoks!

Some guy giving birth to servant bugs, followed by flashing lines with a woman telling us how shes "scared to eat a snake in gravy", then some anime-style japanese drivel, a load of dogs barking randomly and some guy taking a brick out of his house. ummmm, yeah.

Worst of the weekend

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Post by Jekyll »

Nice to look at at times, but dull as hell.

Was more entertaining watching who would be the next person to fall asleep in the front row.
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Post by odishon »

Was often nice to look at but the content was too disjointed to keep up the interest.

Lacked conclusions in most of the stories.
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Post by AdeBrown »

I liked this more than disliked it.
But if it'd been several shorts it might have worked better.

Charles Burns' insect tale was great. He builds that paranoia in his stories very well, often revealing the truth to be worse than paranoia right at the end.

The man with dogs thing was stylistically nice but went on to an obvious conclusion after way too long.

The japanese ghosts one was brilliant. But then they invented this sort of horror and the french are just copying them !

Beat poetry abstractions? J'ai ennui, pas de peur.

Have I missed one ?

Oh yes, that very atmospheric house in the dark one, that was good but overstayed its welcome like a man breaking into an abandoned house (apt simile).
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Post by streetrw »

Ummm.... well, okaaaaaaaay. Sort of liked the opening story with the insect and the geek, and the last one with the bloke in the house. Didn't get the nutter with the big dogs at all, or the samurai bit. Most peculiar.
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Post by EvilAsh »

really nice to look at but I fell asleep 30mins in, far too much to drink friday night
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Post by maxmum »

Kept nodding off, I did like some parts of this but on the whole it was too pretentious.
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Post by Payne »

I ask for Horror anime and I get boring french "high brow" art cartoons, if I'd known I'd have had a lie in
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Post by voor »

I have to admit I loved this - in an age where everything is made with cookier cutter precision here was a unique compendum: artists with styles their own, with touches unique to each one, had created a beautiful (perhaps uneven) film.
Although all the stories were not as strong as each other, each one had style to spare: form, symmetry, shapes, lines - all presented in a way that improved the moving image - I was especially fond of the connecting story with its' very French , very middle class voice going through a list of fears as ironic as the moving, dissolving shapes on the screen.
An absolute favourite.

Sincerely yours

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Post by lupogirl »

Like the different styles of animation but it was disjointed. I found the voiceover in between each story very tiresome. Again this was overlong.

I thought for each dog that ran off represented a new story. Which at first it did then veered off track entirely
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Undead Horde
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Post by AndyJWS »

Seemed a bit arty for artiness sake at times, and there were times where I liked the story but not the animation (the insect story) or the style but not the story (the final one that just went on too long)...

Oh and that *&^%ing goose...
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Post by soulmining »

Again, I'd totally defend its inclusion at FF but while I really liked the first section I was nodding off during the second story so I gave up and went outside instead... would certainly watch it another time though when I'm more focused.
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Post by arrangedletters »

my only complaint with this film would be black and whiote animation plus white subtitles ='s occassionally really freakin hard to read. It always irks me when it happens in films.. the worst being the tears of the black tiger where the subtitles disappear for a good 5 minutes during a beach scene.
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