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Post by Hello Doris! »

Really really enjoyed this. It kept me guessing the whole way along - I thought it would turn out to be the old couple or actually be his imagination as the "Tiredness Kills" kept being highlighted.
Can't wait to see what the director/writer does next.
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Post by lupogirl »

Really enjoyed this one. Did remind me of Duel a little bit. Lots of twists and turns. Same here. I was thinking whether the old couple were involved.

What a ending! Did not see that coming.

A great story, great acting and one that kept you guessing.
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Post by Wolfshade »

Yeah this was great, probably my favourite of the night. Very tense and involving, was surprised in the Q&A when the director said there was only 13 pages of dialogue in the film, but it was so atmospheric you didn't notice that.

Was thinking the old couple were involved as well as they seemed really strange when we first met them and their house was quite creepy. Was also a surprise when the girl he'd rescued turned out to be in on it. And that freight container crushing scene was definitely one that deserved its applause!!

Reminded me a bit of a a much better version of Wolf Creek....I don't like WC at all, but if it was a lot better and set on the M1, it'd be something like this. Great film, I'll track it down again when it's released.
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Girl Serial Killer

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I thought this was pretty swish. I didn't expect to find it so, as I'd watched the first 20 minutes or so at Raindance and it didn't really grab me. My only criticism is that possibly too much time was spent on the couple's relationship issues. That's a bit of a pet hate of mine.

I didn't notice the highlighting of 'tiredness kills' at all. Funny how you sometimes completely miss what is very obvious to others.
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Post by johnnymaniac »

heard this was going to the cinema so expected this too pretty good, and it delivered. Very cool and something which i'dpay to watch again at the cinema. Great choice FF!
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Fresh Meat
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Post by feelwhatifeel »

i liked this film immensley,think director is one to watch
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Post by maxmum »

I thought this was great, I really connected with the characters and cared what happened to them, I WANTED that guy to rescue his girlfriend. And yeah, what horrid places motorway service stations are....cold nasty things.

I was very impressed with the script, direction and storytelling and wish the director all the best for the future.

This worked for me even though i had no clue why the women were being taken and as far as I could see there was no explanation for this... or did I miss a bit? I did go to the loo when he picked that woman up and went to the old peoples house. Not that it matters, It still worked even though I didn't kow what fate was in store for the women... was it human trafficking? Forced prostitution? or a horrible torture pron death? someone puttinmg them in a pie? How come the service station guy was in on it? And the woman?

I didn't really need to know.... yet it worked 100 times better than gnaw.
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Twitching Corpse
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Post by killbot »

I think it was something to do with human trafficking - just because I noticed on the closing credits a human trafficking charity mentioned so it makes sense.

I loved this one - it really kept you guessing and the tension was masterfully built throughout. It always helps to have a sympathetic protagonist. I thought that how everything consistently went wrong for the main guy was particularly well handled, as it could have seemed ridiculous in the wrong hands.
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Post by The Soapmaker »

Film of the day for me, undoubtedly.

When I saw it was starring that annoying bloke from Where The Heart Is and Burn It, my heart sank... but I forgot about that in no time.

Superbly plotted and directed, with a real Hitchcock feel as an ordinary bloke goes through a completely unexpected ordeal. Proof that low budget needn't mean low expectations.

Good Q&A too.
Satans Puppy
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Got the coach home... passed through some Service stations, pointed out a few suspect trucks to maxi but her eyes were partially open... was tempted to take a crow bar to 'er before she ripped away my flesh or something... Zombiefied maxi... EEP!!!!

*runs away*

Did like this film though, woulda liked a lil more gore :D
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Post by Grindhouse »

i loved this,it had me gripped from the start,for a film that i might have thought this is maybe going to be dull to being the film of the allnighter,i cant praise this film enough.
Excellent execution of the story,just rocked along at such a good pace,i thought there were hints of wolf creek along with all those road movies and it didnt fall into any cliches.
An excellent film,from a director and writer who can only give inspiration to others superb.
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Post by kimblebee »

Completely echo Grindhouse's comments - Was a real surprise this one (a good one!)

At the beginning of the film, I wasn't quite sure I was going to like it, but as soon as they revealed the girl in the back of the lorry, I was hooked!

The acting from the male lead was cracking - and he seemed to improve with every moment he was on screen. Some pretty good twists that I didn't predict (maybe I was too swept away with the story to take a step back to guess who's in on the act), and some very tense moments and nice (but seldom) gory bits that didn't disappoint!

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Post by gizmo »

Great film, tense build up, good little twists and characters that you actually cared for, (Gnaw? couldnt give a toss about them!), really enjoyed the Q and A with the director afterwards aswell. Nice one, hope to see more from this guy in the future.... :D
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Post by Goosebumps »

This one really suprised me, really enjoyed it the idea really stuck with me. On the way home when I saw a white truck I did a double take lol
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Post by Reanimator »

This was really good - a simple idea but very well executed and with some good characters and some tense scenes.
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