Pig Hunt

The 2008 offerings once more walk among us.
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Considering it's by the Jason X guy it was a real improvement. Enjoyed it, but nothing special.
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streetrw wrote: Military hardnuts and redneck hillbilly idiots charge around the woods in pursuit of each other and a giant pig, and get involved with a bunch of mad naked hippies. It's rubbish. Sorry.

That made me larf. Good description of what I could remember.
Thanks for the ride, sir.
You have lovely sheep.

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Eugh! I didn’t like this at all. It seemed to me that the film-makers figured that if they threw in enough political images and ‘Oooh, WE are just animals too’ half-baked ideas, they could throw all kinds of nastiness at the screen. I found it to be pretty grim (but not in a good way), pretentious stuff. Cool giant boar effects though.

I prefer Jason X.
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Felt like nothing had happened after an hour had passed and the ending was no pay off for staying with it. Bit of a yawn.
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odishon wrote:Felt like nothing had happened after an hour had passed
That's because nothing had happened after an hour had passed! I know, because I was asleep for most of that hour and apparently I didn't miss a thing.

Unless there were a whole load of extra rednecks, hippies and/or pigs who appeared during that period and were killed off before I woke up.
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Post by voor »

I have to start of by admitting that I missed a large chunk in the middle - somewhere around the time they went hunting and by the time I had regained consciousness they whole crazy rednecks hunting down city boys vs hippies feeding people to pigs had just begun.

But nonetheless, I can unequivacolly remark that of what I saw, I loved it - I will certainly be tracking it down as soon as possible.

To begin with , I did not realise that it was written by Robert Mailer Anderson - the author of the higly succesful, very weird novel 'Boonville', noir enthusiast and jazz lover.

Once his name appeared, I knew this would be crazy, weird, maybe not perfect but certainly interesting.

Allright so the satire on war was very slam-bam in your eye. I, for one, was happy to watch something different, something alternative. I mean, considering 'Gnaw' was the film that opened the festival, perhaps the most deriative and boring film I ever had to to sit through in the last month, 'Pig Hunt' certainly went places that were more interesting than usual.
The vibe of the film was sort of off-beat, reminding me of 'The Tripper' which also traded on some kooky, satirical beat.
Anyway I just thought I better come and just say I did enjoy the film lest everyone thinks it had 0 fans.
Looking forward to seeing it again and this was the one film I was dreading and considering sleeping through before the Festival began.

Sincerely yours

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I'm going to add to Voor's note of support, I think people are being a bit tough on this film probably because we were all so knackered by this point. I wouldn't go so far as to say it was a great (or even particularly good) film, but it sure was bonkers.

Okay it took ages to get going (and like Voor i drifted off and missed whatever sparked the bloodshed between the weekend warriors and the rednecks), the political subtext was baffling, and once it did reach speed it fired of in a riduculous amount of different directions at once. But I have to admire it's sheer nuttiness and the panache with with the second half of the film played out. Also, great soundtrack.

I'd rather have a flawed but interesting film than have to sit through any more by-the-numbers slasher pics like Gnaw.
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