Relive the horror of Frightfest 2009
Satans Puppy
Frightfest Hardcore
Frightfest Hardcore
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Post by Satans Puppy »

Loved it!!!

Will be gettin the bluray the moment it appears.
Walking Dead
Walking Dead
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Post by Porkboy »

Yeah I enjoyed this one too. I was worried during the first few minutes though - I found the humour to be forced and wasn't enjoying it. Thankfully that all changed once everyone was "wrapped" and started to break free. It's not a perfect film but it was good fun.
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Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by i-went-to-frightfest »

was alittle wary about this....big giant bugs!! oh no...but it won me over and i enjoyed every minute of it, loved ray wise and the lead was great though i kept thinking oh he looks like john cusack..which strangly happened a number of times over the weekend not that i kept seeing john cusack but actors that looked like other actors
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Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by dnky666 »

My favourite film of the opening three by far. Thought it was funny, thought the 2 leads had charisma and were engaging and loved the "shooting" of the whiny blonde. More horror films should employ friendly fire.

Oh and that bit where the guy jumped from the truck. Snap. Ouch!!!!!
Running Zombie
Running Zombie
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Post by zoltan »

Missed this one due to needing to get back home that night and getting up very early next morning to get back up for the festival.
Only had three night in hotel booked.
Was not really bothered anyway as the trailer sort of gave away the whole film by the looks of it, and it looked rather predicatable.
Frightfest Hardcore
Frightfest Hardcore
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Post by maxmum »

What fabulous fun. I will be purchasing this one.

Very funny and an endearing main character, and jolly smashing special effects. I lilke a bit of sci fi too... I do take it the big hive thing crashed down from outer space? :D
Thanks for the ride, sir.
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Alex J
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Post by Alex J »

Some laughs (although a little hit and miss) and a reasonable story for this sort of film, but personally I prefer Eight Legged Freaks. I thought Brooke Nevin was good. 7/10
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Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by Wolfshade »

I really liked this - well funny! It actually reminded me a lot of Dance Of The Dead from last year, but it terms of story of course, but the characters and the humour were very similar.

Unfortunately I dropped off a few times in the middle, so I missed a few bits, but still this was easily the best film of the first day for me.
Darkly Noon
Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by Darkly Noon »

i-went-to-frightfest wrote:the lead was great though i kept thinking oh he looks like john cusack
It's not just you, I thought the same!

This was the first film I saw all the way through during the fest (was too busy to see Triangle and had to go in and out of The Hills Run Red, though I quite liked what I saw) and it didn't disappoint in the least - great cheesy B-movie fun. Looking forward to the DVD.
Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by macready »

I was a little underwhelmed, but that's par the course - for some reason I thought Eight Legged Freaks was a little average but then ended up loving it on a second viewing. I'll probably grab the DVD in a few weeks. Always nice to see Ray Wise on screen!
Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by AndyJWS »

Great fun, will definitely pick up the Blu if it's region free...
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