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Relive the horror of Frightfest 2009
Walking Dead
Walking Dead
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Post by Porkboy »

I enjoyed this one too - like a few have said before, nothing original, but it has characters you care about and has a very gritty, realistic feel to it. Well-acted too.
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Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by Maniacal »

Brilliant revenge movie, gritty, violent and at times when it needed to be heartfelt.

Also, i'm never going near a football pump ever again, ever.

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Running Zombie
Running Zombie
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Post by rach »

A superb movie I absolutely loved it! The lead was great too..
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Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by dnky666 »

Best film of the festival and a great way to start the day. Nasty, brutal whilst at the same time thought provoking. How far down the porn chain does he go?

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Running Zombie
Running Zombie
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Post by zoltan »

One of the best of the weekend and one that i was really looking forward too.
I was gripped to my chair the whole time.
Alex J
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Post by Alex J »

*** Possible spoilers ***

Brutal, grim and harrowing, just the way I like them, with an excellent lead performance. I loved the ambiguity around the level of choice his daughter may or may not have had in the tragedy, and that the end villain may have called the ambulance too. 8.5 / 10
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Fresh Meat
Fresh Meat
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Post by Andy »

Just brutal. I love it!
Walking Dead
Walking Dead
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Post by Malachi »

One of my fave's of the fest, great story and acting, look forward to seeing it again.
Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by Wolfshade »

Nasty, violent, and brutal all the way through - certainly woke me up on Friday morning, lol!

This was great, after about 20 minutes I was starting to worrying it was just going to degenerate into a whole film of the guy torturing one of the killers after another, but thankfully I didn't have to worry, and it quickly developed into more than that. One of my favourites of the fest.
Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by macready »

Loved it, brutal and nasty as it needed to be and didn't beat around the bush. I could have used slightly less testicle trauma (really, did we need to see 2 guys getting their nuts pummelled? Shudder.) but a fantastic movie.
Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by fd »

Really rate this. Far better than the other Australian film that was too ITV drama-esque.

I arrived about 10 minutes late and stopped to ask the guy next to the door if it was OK to go in. Alan stopped and asked if everything was OK and I made a comment about me being late and wondering if I should go in. His reply was "You don't want to miss the testicle torture" and he was right ! :D

Now if only those two imbeciles sat in the front row at the right of centre of the double letter seating section had not checked their Blackberries every 30 seconds (and so lighting up the area around them) it would have been an even better film to watch. :)
Frightfest Hardcore
Frightfest Hardcore
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Post by krispyg »

I really enjoyed this, reading the programme I always approach non horror with abit of scepticism and ask well would I actually enjoy this or do I just have a lie in.

I'm glad that i didn't as this was a festival highlight.
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Running Zombie
Running Zombie
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Post by odishon »

Loved this. Well acted (the lead was superb), well written (albeit unoriginal) story and great and realistic fight sequences.

One of my top films of the fest.
Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by chary »

Maybe this was answered in the first five minutes, which I missed but
what happened in the end, did that last guy actually do it or was christian barking up the wrong tree?
Undead Horde
Undead Horde
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Post by AndyJWS »

Was a little worried having read the summary that it would follow the Last House on the Left school of nasty rape and beating/killing followed by vengeance, but what this film didn't show of the setup became a great asset throughout.

Superbly acted by all, and gripping throughout - was very impressed!
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