An American Werewolf In London

Relive the horror of Frightfest 2009
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Undead Horde
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Loved the new print, like Dawn of the Dead and Deep Red I really appreciated the chance to see it on what was for me the first time on a big screen.

Beware the Moon is a really good thorough accompanying documentary - and strange thing to notice, but good lord Paul Davis is exceedingly tall! (How glad is a fat shortarse like me that he wasn't sitting in front of me during The Horde :) )
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Notts Pete
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As me and Gav could only afford to do one day this year, we picked Friday as the chance of meeting John Landis and seeing Beware the Moon we thought would be a highlight. We weren't disappointed at all!!
Landis was on top form, I really could listen to his stories for hours. And it was great seeing some of the cast and crew together again. I only wish I could've thought of some good questions for them - I do think we, the audience, let ourselves down a bit there. I gues, like me, everyone was just in awe of seeing them all. And just HOW AMAZING did Linzi Drew still look? Sorry, but you can keep all yer Melissa Georges & Megan Foxes (though I'm sure they're lovely people) - give me 'Brenda Bristols' any day :wink:

And Beware the Moon was a triumph in itself. Paul's labour of love was an absolute gem. Interesting, informative and very funny - Baker had some really funny stories and hearing him and Landis keep contradicting each other and calling one another 'bastards' was hilarious. Great job Mr Davis.

I agree with Andy though, Paul really was freakishly tall :wink:

Speaking to him in the foyer for a good while made me feel like a bloomin' hobbit - I'm still taking ibuprofen for my poor neck!
Seriously though, congratulations on the doc. Paul and thanks for being so great with all us fans at the Fest.

Best of luck with your supernatural film project and also with your upcoming "carniverous thespian activities".
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