Relive the horror of Frightfest 2009
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on a scale of one to ten?
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9/10, (the best film of the festival, even if the audio was too loud)
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Firstly, welcome to our newly signed up forum friends - it's always great to hear your completely unbiased views on films.

Thought this was well shot etc. and quite liked the mountain bike chase scenes. The villain at the beginning had a silly fake cockney accent (I think) and was impossible to understand.

Didn't like where the film went and so was left disappointed however I would give this director a second chance and would watch his next film if/when he makes it.
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Looked fantastic (and how creepy was that evil guy!) but seemed undermined by a lack of confidence leading to reliance on ideas from other films, which was a shame. (The future of Italian horror is American horror from 20-odd years ago? ;)) Will definitely be interested in future films from the team though.
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I quite liked the ending...

...when I first saw it all those years ago during The Wizard of Oz.
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