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Laymonite wrote:That's what I thought too. I'm no expert but surely the body takes all the nutrients it needs and gets rid of the rest as pooh?
Having thought about this (way too much), jonbly's concluded that the only way to make it work would be to do some additional surgery to edit down the digestive systems - A gets to keep his stomach and the first part of the upper intestine, B only gets a section of upper intestine, and C gets the end of her upper intestine and the lower intestine... and hopefully enough nutrition would get through to C. The biggest problem might be keeping C hydrated...
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jonbly if my car breaks down in Bristol on a dark rainy night then me and my two friends wont be accepting a glass of water if we knock on your door :D
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Loved it!

Was expecting this to have some great special effects to show off the shock concept but didn't think for one minute it would also be a great thriller! The story kept me gripped as well as occasionally making me go 'Noooo!'

Like someone else mentioned I too wanted the bandages to come off to give one of those Cronenberg style reveals.
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I absolutely loved this and it slowly became one of my favorites of the entire festival!

Me and my mates originally assumed that this would be just a big laugh-afon but found ourselves extremely disturbed and quite concerned.

It was this year's Martyrs for me in its lasting impression...I found myself still thinking about it long after the festival had finished!

Mr. Six...if you are reading this...I would very much like to buy a copy of your brilliant film on DVD...may as well make some money out of it while looking for a distribution company!!
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A bit of a shame about the source material (pixellation) but my concern the idea would be only enough for a short stretched out to feature length was unfounded. A brilliant performance from the utterly batshit doctor!
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Walking Dead
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What could have potentially been a disaster (I was convinced beforehand that the film could go one of two ways - an amusing oddity or an ill-informed idea) turned into one of my favourites of the weekend. I was enthralled throughout mainly because I was waiting for the stitching to break resulting in a terrible mess.
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I'm looking forward to the inevitable Hollywood remake.

Thoughts on casting?
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Hmmm . . . how about Edward Furlong in the middle and Adrian Brodie at each end?
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