Night Of The Demons

Relive the horror of Frightfest 2009
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Awful film and I wasn't expecting much. Throughout the film I was just looking at Furlong shocked at how much he's let himself and how in the film he got a hot girlfriend... yeah.

The director went on about all these big tits and blood... There was hardly any nudity. The one breast shot cut so fast I hardly seen it. Not much gore either and it was instantly forgettable. Give me Demons any day.
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Re: Night Of The Demons

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So I'm looking back on here in preparation for this year, to see what I can remember mostly (hint, virtually nothing about these films and just about everything from 2007 made me smile) and genuinely, the only thing I remember about this film is the fact Wednesday 13 is on the soundtrack and I just about squealed the front row down at hearing him. The fact I can't even remember the lipstick scene does worry me somewhat, clearly I was too involved in the soundtrack! :oops:
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