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Top 5

Post by Uzumaki »

I've been coming to Frightfest since the first year and doing the whole weekend for the last 8. I'm used to the fact that I'll hate a few cuz not all films will appeal to all people. However as far as I'm concerned this was an amazing year, I at least liked nearly every one, there wasn't any dross and I outright loved quite a few. Cheers to Alan, Ian, Paul and Greg putting on the best Frightfest yet. So.......... what were everybodys faves? Here's my top 5:
1. Inbred - my kinda humour and genuinely scary in equal measures, I am still singing the Ee By Gum song
2. Kill List - grim, funny and baffling in just the right amounts
3. Troll Hunter - TROOLLLLL!!!!!!!!!!!
4. Midnight Son - I was tired from 2 nights worth of crappy sleep, it was a slow burner with very little gore or action and kept me captivated from start to finish.
5. Final Destination 5 - if you'd told me before the fest that I'd have a final destination film on my top 5 I'd have had you comitted as I hadn't liked the previous ones I saw and was dismissing it out of hand before I w ent in. Something about seeing it with a crowd, the frankly amazing bridge scene and the awesome 3D that put Frightnight to shame, I fuckin loved it!

Thanks again, I'm still on a high from it, thank god I've got tomorrow off.
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Re: Top 5

Post by sherbetbizarre »

1. The Woman
2. The Innkeepers
3. The Man Who Saw Frankenstein Cry
4. Troll Hunter
5. A Lonely Place To Die
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Re: Top 5

Post by boxman1980 »

Have to say the top 5 is a hard one this year but here goes:

1. Tucker and Dale Vs Evil
2. Kill List
3. The Innkeepers
4. A Lonley Place To Die
5. Final Destination 5

Amazing this year, I think on the whole the films were constistantly good with only a few notable exceptions.

The worst 3 (can't think of 5):
1. The Theatre Bizarre
2. Dead Heads
3. Atrocious

Biggest Pleasant Surprise - A Lonley Place To Die

Best FX - Inbred

Biggest dissapointment - Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Favourite Q&A - Kill List

Most Bizarre Moment - Hearing Paul thank "Disney" (for Fright Night).

Best Moment - Pheonix drinks after the fest and getting to know more people this year than ever before.

Lowest point - eyes closing watching Senentunchi when really couldn't stay awake.

Most common drink - Espresso (with sugar)

Best descision - Staying at the HHH / Choosing not to skip Detention.


Best Short Film - Brutal Relax
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Re: Top 5

Post by TheDukeAbides »

My best 5:

1. Troll Hunter
2. Tucker and Dale Vs Evil
3. Final Destination 5
4. A Lonley Place To Die
5. Devil's Business

My worst 5:
1. Inbred
2. Rogue River
3. Blood Runs Cold
4. Inbred
5. Inbred
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Re: Top 5

Post by xBIGJOEx »

1 The Glass Man
2 Tucker and Dale
3 Troll Hunter
4 The Holding
5 Rogue River
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Re: Top 5

Post by Wolfshade »

top 5:

1 The Divide
2 Sennentuntchi
3 Midnight Son
4 Troll Hunter
5 A Lonely Place To Die

also mentions to Tucker Vs Dale, Final Destination 5 (expectations were low, but this was a real surprise, the best FD by a mile imo), and Fright Night (surprisingly good remake).

and bottom 5:

1 Detention (loud, noisy, incoherent and bloody annoying)
2 Vile (if you're going to rip off Saw at least have some gore! and haven't a plot that isn't shit helps too...)
3 Urban Explorers (10th rate Creep, and Creep was pretty bad itself! lengthy untranslated foreign dialogue doesn't help either)
4 A Night In The Woods (uninventive copy of a certain other movie)
5. Theatre Bizarre/Chillerama (didn't actually see these 2, but I've included them cos everyone said they were awful and I enjoyed the other films I saw)
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Re: Top 5

Post by Jekyll »

Top 5 in no particular order

Tucker & Dale vs Evil
Troll Hunter
The Woman
Kill List
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Re: Top 5

Post by AdeBrown »

Not in order as that keeps changing

Kill List
Troll Hunter
Don't Be Afraid of the Dark
The Innkeepers
The Woman

(Rabies, Tucker & Dale, and Chillerama get my votes for the fun category, Dead Heads might've, but towards the end it just creeped into John Hughes mawkishness rather than send up.)
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Re: Top 5

Post by Bigcat »

In no particular order:

Troll Hunter (thrilling)
Tucker and Dale vs. Evil (hilarious)
Saint (beautiful)
The Innkeepers (genuinely scary)
The Woman (harrowing)

Also really liked The Glass Man, Sennentuntschi, FD5 and Fright Night

Best What the F**k?!? Movie: Detention
Worst What the F**k?!? Movie: Inbred
Most Puzzling: Kill List (but kudos to great performances by the leads)
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Re: Top 5

Post by Meanbobs »

1: The Woman
2: Kill List
4: FD 5
5: The Innkeepers


1: Inbred
2: Panic Button
3: Atrocious

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Re: Top 5

Post by Rue-morgue Jay »

If i could nail down 5 to be my faves, it would have to be:

1. SENNENTUNTSCHI- anyone who saw me afterwards would know why. :mrgreen:
2. Innkeepers- just a good paced, film with believable characters.
3. The divide- not the biggest fan of Xavier gens, but this film hit it out of the park.
4. Detention. Was not the film i was expecting, i was expecting one like THE EXAM or FINAL. So entertainiing.
5. Tucker and Dale. Need i say more?

Biggest shocks- final destination 3D and FRIGHTNIGHT 3D. Much better than i expected.

Most underwhelmed- the wicker tree. i liked it, but felt rushed.

special mention- the man who saw frankenstein cry. I now need to see some paul naschy films.

The three that didn't float my boat, but i can see their appeal:
Kill list
a night in the woods.
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Re: Top 5

Post by The Soapmaker »

Like last year, there wasn't anything that really stood out and totally blew me away. I keep hoping....

In no particular order, the best:

Troll Hunter
A Lonely Place To Die
Kill List
The Woman
Tucker and Dale Vs Evil

I wanted to include The Innkeepers, but it didn't quite work for me (maybe on next viewing....).

The worst:

Fright Night 3-D
The Divide
Panic Button
Urban Explorers
The Aylmer
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Re: Top 5

Post by The Aylmer »

1. The Woman (no contest here. 10/10)

Joint 2nd (as they all scored 8/10) but sort of in order of preference...

2. Troll Hunter (great stuff. How to do a lost footage movie properly)
2. Final Destination 5 (unexpectedly entertaining. Fab death scenes and good use of the 3D)
2. Saint (one to watch every year at Christmas. Loved it)
2. Sennentuntschi (Nice reworking of old world ghost story into modern era. Well, ok, 1975 then)
2. A Lonely Place To Die (Stunning opening half hour. Loses its way a little in 2nd half but still tense stuff)
2. Kill List (Highly effective until Wicker Man finale confuses things. Still not sure if wife was in on it or not)

Andy Nyman's Quiz and the Total Film interview and horror panel discussion after were very good as well. The interviewer certainly made up for the Tobe Hooper botch job last year!

Also, I need to give The Innkeepers another go as tiredness took over while watching this one. And even then it still got a 7/10.

As for the worst...

1. Vile (2/10, no contest. Utter rubbish)
2. A Night In The Woods (4/10, Blair Witch in everything but name)

Runners up (all with respectable 5/10's. So not quite in 'Dust' territory)

The Theatre Bizarre (started ok before becoming ever more pretentious and tedious)
The Wicker Tree (cheesy nonsense with a Lair of the White Worm vibe)
Chillerama (best part of that was Joe's ultra short 'Deathication' section)
Inbred (offensive, occasionally disturbing, effectively gory, reasonably well acted, unnecessarily loud and undeniably crap in equal measures)
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Re: Top 5

Post by Pork Chop Express »

Top 5
1. The Woman
2. The Glass Man
3. Tucker and Dale
4. Kill List
5. A Night in the Woods

I'm sure Troll hunter would have been on the list, but I got stuck in traffic for the best part of three hours. It really should have been shown in Inbred's slot, not at 11am in the morning.

Bottom 3.
1. The Wicker Tree
2. Atrocious
3. Deadheads
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Re: Top 5

Post by morralex »

1.kill list
2.a horrible way to die
3.the woman
4.detention sucky teen romance

special mentions to inbred, troll hunter and midnight son.

worst five
1.rogue river
2.the wicker tree
3.a night in the woods
5.urban explorers
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