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Re: Maniac

Post by TheDukeAbides »

I'm still out on this film, I felt it lacked something.

I'm a fan of the original, which works, possibly because of the passage of time and censor issues, because of the sleazy quality of it.

Something about this, possibly the 1st person view, made it feel too slick - even when it cheated and went the 3rd person and I also found it a bit too repetitive.

I too loved the score and though I think Wood played the character well I think he was just a tad too 'well-known' for my liking.

Liked the nod to the original poster too in the car-park scene.
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Re: Maniac

Post by lupogirl »

Quite unsettling film and Elijah Wood was excellent, he was suitable creepy. Really good synth soundtrack.
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Re: Maniac

Post by streetrw »

I'm still not entirely sure about this one: I'm puzzled by the point of it and the use of first-person technique. I think it's a better film than Lustig's original, which is a movie I have no great love for (for Joe Spinell and Caroline Munro, FANATIC / THE LAST HORROR FILM is much better, much more twisted and ultimately much sweeter) but I'm still wavering about exactly how I feel about it. - For all your occasional film rambling needs. - For when you really need to know what I had for breakfast.

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Re: Maniac

Post by Axe »

The BBFC have passed Maniac without a single cut.
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