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The rotting remains of 2012's festival
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Re: Top 5 films

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Always difficult but my top films were;

1. Sinister. Seriously. Made. Me. Jump. ( I always squeal like a pig in at least one place at FF. This was my 2012 film)

2. Maniac. Huge surprise. Not a great fan of the original, but this was incredibly well crafted while shockingly brutal.

3. Chained. Facsinating to watch. Had me gripped throughout. Should have been called Rabbit though.

4. American Mary Blew me out of the water, didn't expect much but found the film delivered a jolt to the audience that seemed to travel around the Empire.

5. V/H/S. As with most portmanteau horrors this was flawed but had some sublime stories within. Faves included the Skype sequence, and the final possession haunted house story.

6. Rec3. Great. Heard some bad things about this but I thought it to be a near perfect FF film. Funny, scary, zombies, chainsaws. Great, and deserved a cinema release IMHO.

I prefer monster movies and ghostly tales normally, but my top 6 ( Rec 3 made me add it!!!) this year was quite loaded with ' mans inhumanity to man' Movies. Here's hoping monsters and hauntings proper fill my top 5 next year. ( although whatever's on I'll see you there! ). :)
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