My top and bottom 3

Taking place over the Bank Holiday weekend, August 27th - 31st 2015
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by jonbly »


Nina Forever
Turbo Kid
Landmine Goes Click


Inner Demon
Cherry Tree

Honourable but cryptic mentions:

Blobby Wars
Dildoes and Anal Beads as offensive weaponry
A romance between cherries and centipedes
The unicorn bike
Gerald's blank stare
Alex J
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by Alex J »

Top 5:
Rabid Dogs
Scherzo Diabolico
Landmine Goes Click
Night Fare
Road Games

So a good year for non-UK/US films!

Bottom 3:
Cherry Tree

So not a good year for my disco picks!
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by Jekyll »

The Good: (rather short list this year for me)
Night Fare - Best thing by a mile I thought
Turbo Kid
Scherzo Diabolico

The Bad:(this could be a lot longer but will stick to the main culprits)
Cherry Tree
Inner Demon
Jeruzalem (Cloverfield remake Israeli style)
The Aylmer
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by The Aylmer »

Even posting a top five is difficult, so I'll go with my top film and joint runners up (in no particular order)...

1. NIGHT FARE 9/10
2. TURBO KID 8/10
2. BAIT 8/10
2. SLUMLORD 8/10

As for my worst... well, thankfully there was no Shockwave Darkside this year (or any 3D either). And nothing was that awful I'd call it the 'worst'. Just more of a mediocre 5/10 if anything. If I have to pick three it'd probably be...

JERUZALEM (which was ok until that bloody annoying shaky cam finale in the Day of the Dead caves. FFS)
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by ian »

Excess Flesh is on at Grimm, one of the only ones they have posted so far. Full line up tomorrow though I believe, already have my ticket.
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by ChrisReynolds »

Top 5
1. Sun Choke
2. We Are Still Here
3. Turbo Kid
4. Deathgasm
5. A Christmas Horror Story

Bottom 5:
1. Hellions
2. The Diabolical
Those were the only two I really disliked, the next three had quite a few good things about them, but I didn't feel they worked overall.
3. Scherzo Diabolico
4. Nina Forever
5. Banjo

I felt this year's selection was generally good - as above there were only two films I found to be terrible - but as well as having less bad films than usual, this year lacked films that really amazed me (only Sun Choke did that). That's quite a positive result as it shows an effective filtering out of bad films.

I think I avoided some of the worst films with my discovery screen choices, and I had the benefit of finding Cherry Tree to be enjoyably rubbish. Cherry Tree was one of those insane Frightfest choices where you watch in amazement, but it shouldn't have been the opener. The Frightfest guys have a history of opening with a terrible locally-produced movie, Dead 2, Octane, Nine Lives, and I appreciate that for these films this may be their most high-profile exposure, but the opener sets a tone for the festival and should have been a choice more likely to be generally appreciated and Cherry Tree could have played the main screen on a different day once people have settled in.
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by jerichodark »

Top 3)

1) A Christmas Horror Story- finally a brilliant Christmas horror film. It had twist that I didnt see coming but made perfect sense and an anthology film with no filler.
2) Bait - So much better than I expected with a brilliant villain and relateable, likeable protagonists.
3) Landmine Goes Click - Harsh, needs some editing, but affecting.

Bottom 3)

1) Bite - Overhyped sub-Cronenberg with unlikeable characters, poor effects and little to recommend it besides the guy who laughed all the way through from the back of the screen who set off a ripple effect in the rest of the audience.
2) Inner Demon - Should have been called "In a Cupboard". The heroine spent about an hour looking through a crack in a door at one of the hairy bikers.
3) I'm struggling for this but Demonic - horror for 13 year old girls. Not terrible but "safe".

Special mentions for Emilie - Brilliant first hour and Scherzo Diabolico - A chilling final shot.

Absolutely brilliant schedule this year, had a great time.
Frank Rizzo
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by Frank Rizzo »

Top 3)

1) The Rotten Link
2) We are Still Here
3) The Hallow

With Night Fare and Bait getting a special mention.

Bottom 3)

1) Inner Demon
2) Cherry Tree
3) Hellions

I think it's a real shame that films such as the rotten link and the hallow did not get a main screen slot, there were so many films in the discovery screens which were significantly better than those in the main screen.
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by sherbetbizarre »

stshaw wrote:The music. I love the death proof sound-track and having the opportunity to listen to it 23 times over the weekend really made the festival a very special weekend for me. Anybody know where I can buy a copy? :)
They got the message and then made us listen to the NBK soundtrack 23 times...
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by languidMandala »

Boost to the thanks for the organisation etc.

Landmine goes click
Nina Forever
Tales of Halloween

Final Girl - haven't seen anyone comment on this, was bad
Some kind of hate - annoying characters and illogical
Hellions - pregnant & living in sleepy hollow & has bad dreams, jeez
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by Alnapa »

My Top 5

1: Landmine Goes Click 9/10
2: Hangman 9/10
3: We Are Still Here 7/10
4: Shut In 7/10
5: Deathgasm 7/10

I went to FF11,FF12 & FF13 and I felt this year had a better selection of films but this may well be down to getting disco tickets and a little bit of research! Thoroughly enjoyed the Friday and Saturday, this year has made me realise I must do the whole 5 days.

However there were a couple of films that were a little off for me....

Bottom 3

1: The Shelter - This is by far the worst film I have seen at FF. The acting was all over the place and the delivery of the story was poor. 1/10
2: The Diabolical - Seemed to change from a Paranormal horror to Sci-Fi halfway through and just felt rushed. 4/10
3: Wind Walkers - Was not bad but the script for me was poor and could have amped up the creep factor 5/10
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by »

Top 3

My Palme De Gore!! 1. Nightfare
Just a Brilliant Brilliant Thriller, It doesnt all add up, but a relentless brilliant experience.


F**king Awesome. A brilliant brit thriller, up there with Kill List, Straw Dogs, Dead Man Shoes.

3.We Are Still Here
Terrific Horror, slow build up, but reminded me of Ti West's The House Of The Devil and as Good.

honourable mentions to HOWL, which would have made a fantastic opening film, loved it, a hoot, and The Diabolical which I found the scariest of the weekend.

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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by Kris »

Am I the only person who thought INNER DEMON was actually ok?
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by DJBenz »

Kris wrote:Am I the only person who thought INNER DEMON was actually ok?
Evidence points to yes. Actually, it wasn't that bad, just a bit meandering in the middle while she was in the cupboard.

My feelings about the line-up overall were that there was very little that was truly awful (Cheery Tree and Hellions excepted), but a lot that was just kinda middle of the road, neither awful nor brilliant and Inner Demon fell into that category for me.
Jon H
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Re: My top and bottom 3

Post by Jon H »

Strongly believe that Hellions is undeserving of all this stick……. :D But anyway, I think its right to say that the line up was solid - the quality of the programme didn’t vary as wildly as last year – there was nothing that really had you scratching your head as to what it was doing there (I think we all have our own winners of that particular award from last year) – however, I’m not sure that anything this year really matched the quality of The Babadook or Starry Eyes either.

Final Girl was hyped up before the festival but I’ve heard almost nothing about it – I didn’t see it myself – was it any good?
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