Shamble, like a zombie, down Memory Lane. The ghost of FF2007 awaits you.
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Post by AdeBrown »

This was another one of those films that started well but lost its way in the denouement.
Atmospheric and ghostly scenes often lose their power in the explanation and this was a case of the paranormal replacing the psychological to the detriment of the film.
After a road accident seems to be caused by a malevolent child, the victim's boyfriend, her sister, her sister's "friend" and a cop investigate the apparent cursed road. The dynamics between the three significant others are reasonable at first - they don't communicate directly with each other, perhaps because the twin sisters fell out.
But it's never clear why they don't share what they find out.
And when the scene changes from the road to the sewer, it is (1) gratuitous, (2) a step into CGI damp squibland.
Not the new dawn of Mexican horror we were promised (at best it was copied from J-Horror, at worst it was Casper the unfriendly ghost).
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Post by Jekyll »

'Box Office Smash in Mexico',

Hmm i guess that they don't get a lot J Horror down there then.

Seen it all before and done a lot better.
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Post by iam_dan »

a really lovely ghost story well played out and enjoyable
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Post by Gungrave »

Snooze fest really, although Im being harsh. Nicely paced, some great characters but yup, seen it all before done better.

Mexican cinema has MUCH better stuff than this.....not quite sure WHY it grossed so much but hopefully will open the gates for some more original fare to get the greenlight
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Post by maxmum »

iam_dan wrote:a really lovely ghost story well played out and enjoyable
I agree

i really enjoyed this one too
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Post by jonbly »

A ghost story well done... albeit without much originality (and that's without knowing the legend it's based on). Using the twin thing to create tension amongst the characters was nice, but it felt like it should have had more impact on the ghost situation. Interesting final twist.

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Post by Reanimator »

This was the worst of the weekend - dull, slow and unoriginal
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Post by xLeft For Deadx »

Reanimator wrote:This was the worst of the weekend - dull, slow and unoriginal
Couldn't agree more.
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Post by lupogirl »

The auditorium for this film must of turned into a FF nursery. Most people I spoke to after had a snooze during the film. Including me. I woke up to the scene where a character mentions a house and a old lady. I was thinking what house and old lady?? Oh Dear!

Do enjoy ghost stories but this did send to the land of nod.
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Post by soulmining »

Didn't grab me at all... seemed to be your typical Asian ghost story relocated to Mexico. I was sitting there bored out of my mind so opted to leg it outside before I fell asleep.
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Post by scrobble »

I enjoyed this while watching, and there were some good ideas, but the final scenes in the sewer were too CGI-ey for my liking.

Shame that the subtitles didn't show what the ghost was saying earlier on, or the final scene would have had more impact.
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Running Zombie
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Post by jimbo »

Count me in for the snoozing. Just went on and on, if I hadn't been so tired I'd have walked out... Shame, as I thought it started well.
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Undead Horde
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Post by DavieT »

Having read all the comments on this one I'm really glad I missed it when I decided to go for a lunchtime beer and a curry
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Post by streetrw »

It was okay to start with, but towards the end it got confusing (at least, for me) and I lost track of it. This wasn't a success overall, though there were some good creepy moments.
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