Storm Warning

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Post by scrobble »

I enjoyed this at the time, but agree with others about the first 20 mins, which were a bit slow. I didn't believe the central couple as an actual couple at all, either - there was no chemistry between them.

After they landed on the island, things improved a lot, and there were some really good and inventive set pieces - especially the fishing lines and the broken bottle scene. Not sure about the kangaroo baby though.

All in all, enjoyable, but fairly forgettable.
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Post by streetrw »

To echo other posters - the opening reels didn't inspire much confidence but it picked up in the final third. Also the lawyer really wasn't much use as a hero - he didn't do much except stand there looking resolute while the bad guys abused and humiliated his girlfriend, and then didn't actually kill any of them. But when it does pick up it's pretty good. I enjoyed it.
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Post by Grindhouse »

Storm warning for me worked well i thought it built up well.
The male character was ineffective which sometimes they are,and the lead woman was great i like these characters that turn around maybe thats why i like the hills have eyes remake so much.
the scoring of the film was well done and added to the film.
and with a good amount of crowd pleasing gore to boot only it ended very soon after the fan kill.
but i would see this again.
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Post by Sarah of the Dead »

No, there really wasn't anything good about this movie. I was planning to skip it, but got to the cinema too late for Cold Prey so figured I'd better see SOMETHING. Bad idea.
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Post by thesavageintruder »

It was good, unpretentious gory backwoods-inbred fun, whats not to like?
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Post by HeadOnAStick »

I didn't mind the slow start too much and I was OK with the total lack of chemistry between the couple, after all we quickly learned that there were some cracks in their relationship. It was bumbling along in the way films do without really generating much excitement until the woman went all Buffy and started playing with the fishing rods and the pickle-jar, then it became much more interesting. The only film I've ever watched where I was looking forward to a rape scene just so I could find out what happened!

Overall it had weaknesses but I really enjoyed it, it got stronger throughout.
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Post by jimbo »

Gave it 30 minutes, then left. Hated the two main characters, they did several stupid things in a row, and then decided to have a SHOWER after meeting the crazy backwoods nutters, also after seeing the pr0n and bloodstained blowup doll on the couch. No excuse for that. Don't care how inventive it got later, those first 30 minutes were too stupid. Jimbo's 30 Minute Rule takes no prisoners...
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Re: Storm Warning

Post by zappa fan »

This one has been showing on the Horror Channel.
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