David Cameron's Censor Internetornado

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David Cameron's Censor Internetornado

Post by TheDukeAbides »

Thought this might be worth some small discussion on here, after all some of our favourite genres of films have been subject to previous moral panic, censorship and even continued bans to this day.

So what does everyone think about call me Dave's plan for filtering the internet, having a 'blacklist' of sites and search phrases and anything else he can think of to please the hysterical Mumsnet/Daily Mail/insert other demagogues/ crowd?

Totally unworkable policy formulated by people who are technically clueless?
Dangerous thin-end-of-the-wedge censorship?
Necessary for this day and age?
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Re: David Cameron's Censor Internetornado

Post by halloweengirl »

This all worries me. I don't like the idea of the extreme stuff, particularly anything involving kids, but I don't believe simply cutting off access via Google or Yahoo! or any of the other mainstream servers is going to make things better. Only this weekend I was reading an article in the Independent about the Silk Road site which is not accessible by Google or other search engines but is there if you know how to find it and already it deals in drugs, p0rn and has been described as "an amoral eBay". As with everything that gets banned, the 'offending ' article doesn't disappear - it just goes underground.

It'll start with this and then where will it go? This will set a precedent so anything else that is considered harmful, exploitative or just plain 'wrong' by vocal hysterics will now seriously be looked at with potential for a ban.

I don't like this idea AT ALL.
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