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Celluloid Screams

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I've always found Celluloid Screams in Sheffield do a great job of not just repeating a chunk of Frightfest (which is more or less what Grimmfest provide the North with), and this year they have put together a really nice lineup again: http://celluloidscreams.co.uk/featurefilms-2/

The Void - i was really hoping for this at FF but it looks like the London Film Festival got it, I'm pumped for this one.
Cat Sick Blues
What We Become
The Devil's Candy - i did actually watch this in the disco screen at FF, always annoying to find out other lineups AFTER frightfest.
Yoga Hosers
I Am Not A Serial Killer
We Go On
Trash Fire
Dearest Sister

over two and half days, all for £80!

think it may clash with the frightfest halloween thing though? unless they do that the week after, closer to halloween, but i think they were the same weekend last year.
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