Phoenix Artist Club, Censorship & Free Speech

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Phoenix Artist Club, Censorship & Free Speech

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I don't know if this belongs in this sub-section, though I would like to think given the topic and the venue involved that it has some relevance to the us people who attend FrightFest.

So on the 6th of May there was a rally in London, given the title "Day Of Freedom." To all intents and purpose it was a rally in the name of free speech and against censorship.

All were invited and indeed all comers did attend. The problem, well the event did feature speeches by noted "right-wing" people. Now whatever right-wing (and even left wing) means these days, it was enough to tar everyone with at least a guilt by association label.

Milo spoke, one Tommy Robinson also spoke and a drag artist by the name of Vanity Von Glow also spoke. As such in the nature of free speech that, well its free to anyone and everyone.

Subsequently, as is standard in a day of selective moral outrage and social media witch-hunts Vanity has been subject to what would probably be called No-Platforming, though in essence it is a withdrawal of the ability to work via enforced boycott.

He was due to perform at the Phoenix but that subsequently put out this tweet: ... 1359184898

A private business can hire and fire whoever they feel like but given that the nature of the genre of films we watch (and also the documentaries made by the organisers of said festival) I was looking for people's opinions on the range of issues that I feel this provokes.

I will also state from the that this is not a call to boycott the Phoenix, as that would be rather hypocritical.

All thoughts and opinions welcome...
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