Black Sheep

Shamble, like a zombie, down Memory Lane. The ghost of FF2007 awaits you.
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Black Sheep

Post by VictorCrowley »

Another horror/comedy blend to kick off this year - which played a storm. plenty of laughter from the packed audience!

Thoughts on Jonathan King's genetic were-sheep gone maaaaaaaaad?
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Post by jonbly »


Managed just the right mix of comedy and horror.

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Running Zombie
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Post by Sarah of the Dead »

This was awesome. Really, really good.
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Post by AdeBrown »

There was a trailer for 30 Days of Night by the way.
That looks like a good un. I like the graphic novel a lot (although the later follow ups don't add much).

Black Sheep, a kiwi horror film of the kind Peter Jackson used to make before he went all fairy on us.

Ingredients: Mutant killer sheep, mutant were-sheep, chick with gun, BAD SCIENCE and bad lady scientist, obv.sheep jokes (in a good way), implied bestiality, penis bitten off, man hitting killer sheep with his own dismembered leg, anti-genetic research hippies, buckets of gore, and body parts. This was top fun and a great way to start the festival.

Post by Guest »

Frightfest should always start with a horror comedy like this, really gets things off to an enjoyable start. Great funny film!
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Post by Jekyll »

Perfect start to the weekend.
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Post by lupogirl »

Absolute corker of a film to start with. Just can't beat flying zombiefied sheep. Very entertaining. Had a great mix of comedy and horror. Some great scenes of bloody entrails and limbs being ripped off. Even the real sheep looked intimidating. You could say a love story of one man and his flossy friend!
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Post by DavieT »

Get ready for the violence of the lambs - absolute corker - loved it
Twitching Corpse
Twitching Corpse
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Post by iam_dan »

silly, daft but entertaining and perfect opening night film...ive always thought sheep had a hidden agenda...
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Frightfest Hardcore
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Post by Grindhouse »

this was the perfect film to kick off the fest with,i wouldnt watch it again though.
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Post by Reanimator »

An enjoyable start to the festival with some good comedy and gore effects.
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Frightfest Hardcore
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Post by soulmining »

The perfect start to the festival - good mix of comedy and gore, ticked all the right boxes.

How many sheep gags can you squeeze into one film?
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Post by rawshark »

This was one of the films I was really looking forward to, and I have to say it didn't disappoint. Loved the gore / comedy mix from start to finish and a prefect curtain-raiser for the festival.

Jonathon King was a great guy too, and was so happy the crowd mostly loved it..
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Post by Guest »

Great fun, great start to the festival - exactly what I wanted for a perky start-as-you-mean-to-go-on vibe!

I especially appreciated the squeezy sheep in the goodie bags!
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Post by scrobble »

The post above was me - forgot to log in first - oops!
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