The Sword Bearer

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Ruddy peculiar. The logging truck was a nice start, but why did he cut that in half? It's interesting in parts, but went on too long, and they played that annoying bit of romantic piano music over and over in a short space of time. Overall I wasn't struck on it at all.
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Whilst I found lots of this film pretty to look at I couldn't really take it seriously after she stepped on the CD player remote to cue the Repetitive Love Theme, and I think i'd already forgiven quite a bit of sillyness by that point :roll:
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This just didn't do it for me, looked great and was a good concept, man with sword in hand/arm but didn't deliver.

As mentioned elsewhere a good start with the logging truck but never really explained why he cut that in 1/2. :? During the film I just kept thinking, bloody ask his name and get it over with :lol:
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