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Post by jonbly »

Expected nothing good from such a dodgy idea, but it worked out really well - the initial attitudes of the main character fitted perfectly. This was a really fun movie.


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Post by AdeBrown »

p2 was cancelled, and to my initial dismay we were told its replacement was Teeth - a story about a girl with vagina dentata.

This could have been awful. It was in fact aa pretty good satire on you politics from that abstinence/virginity thing "We're waiting" via censored biology books to male lechery. The two central characters (Jess Wiexler and John Hensley) are damn fine as stepbrother and stepsister with hints at you infatuation of the former, coming to fruition in the only way possible. Not only is there penis severing, but these are shown in increasing detail ... but we never see the toothy ladypart. Thankfully.

Surprisingly funny AND clear in its message about a woman's right to say no. I highly recommend this.
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Post by Laymonite »

I liked this one, but I think quite a lot of it was played for laughs when I think it would have benefitted from being done straight. When you have a story about a woman with teeth in her fanny, it's just the easy option to go for laughs. I kept thinking about Isolation last year. A concept that was crying out to be a comedy, but the makers were confident enough to take it seriously. Teeth was a bit of a mixture, but I'd have like it all straight.

But I liked it overall.

The lead actress was ace and carried the film well. I would have maybe liked a bit more about the brother and why the dad wanted him out.
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Post by Jekyll »

Was looking forward to P2 but when that was a no show wondered what we get in its place.

When I found out the subject matter expected the worst, but was pleasantly suprised.

Thought it got the horror and comedy balance just about perfect.

Would have been excellant in one of the late night slots.
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Frightfest Hardcore
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Post by lupogirl »

Really enjoyed this one. Some great laugh out loud moments. Liked the doctor surgery scene in particular. Lying on the trolley thrashing around with the poor doctors fingers being chewed off. Then later on being asked how did he manage to loose his fingers. Just thought of another moment of the dog having a unusual snack!( Just chuckling right now)

Well that is one method of birth control!

I bet nearly all the blokes in the cinema had their legs crossed
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Post by Gungrave »

I LOVED this one. It wasn't the tacky trash I was expecting but a brilliantly acted, funny and superbly produced indie flik.

One for the shopping list! :lol:
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Post by xLeft For Deadx »

I was dissapointed to find out P2 wasn't showing, but in retrospect I'm rather glad we got this instead. I'll end up watching P2 anyway at some point, but given the premise, I'd probably have given Teeth a miss on any occasion other than frightfest - but on watching it, I actually found it to be one of the most enjoyable films of the weekend.
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Post by iam_dan »

ouch...ouch...yes i had my legs crossed....but still a really good film and i enjoyed it
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Post by Reanimator »

One of the best, if not the best of the weekend - it started slowly but got better as the movie went on and is definitely worth a repeat viewing!
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Post by soulmining »

I was expecting a dull arthouse film so was pleasantly surprised when this played out as a slightly more extreme horror comedy... a real hit of the festival for me, and was one of my favourites! Will def. pick up on DVD.
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Post by rawshark »

I was very happy to hear that P2 was going to be replaced by Teeth - not because I wasn't looking forward to P2, but because I'd been wanting to see Teeth since hearing about it at Sundance.

I also happen to love any film that has a Rottweiler, even one that does chomp down on a severed pierced penis...
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Post by scrobble »

Teeth was great! I considered skipping out before it started so we'd have a reasonable length of time to get something to eat, but am glad I stayed, haven't laughed so hard in ages!

I thought they got the tone just right, I don't agree with Laymonite on that point - I just don't think it would work as a 'serious' movie because of the concept (although maybe a serious version would play better to men than women?).
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Post by streetrw »

This was one I felt uncomfortable with, and I'm not entirely sure why. It could have easily swerved into really bad taste, but never did. It's a terrific idea, and it's well made, but there were parts - and not the biting bits - that I couldn't bring myself to look at. :(
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Post by lone star »

As a last minute replacement, didn't expect much from this but really enjoyed it.

Not only was it funny but it did deal with the situation and scenario quite seriously in the realm of the film. Having teeth down there :wink: , it could so easily have been a Troma film but managed to deliver fun and make serious points at the same time
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Post by Sarah of the Dead »

I've kind of avoided posting here, but sod it. I hated this film. I hope every copy of it is mysteriously destroyed in a fire.
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