Storm Warning

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Storm Warning

Post by AdeBrown »

Started slowly, and the first third seemed like we were going to get more of the Black Water (in fact when their boat arrived in the swamps, I wondered if it was the same boat that the sisters saw half way through Black Water) but the rest of the film was more like Devil's Rejects. Despite towering over the two psycho brothers, the husband was rather ineffective, but his artist wife more than made up for that. When it comes, the gore is very well delivered - eliciting cheers from the frightfest crowd.
When foul-mouthed abusive lunatics are getting over-used and under-punished, this film delivers a nice moral punchline.
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Post by jonbly »

The first twenty minutes need to be cut, then burned, then scattered. Why waste our time so?

The middle section is a serious tension builder between scary hillbillies and 'normal' yuppie folk. Not that great, but OK.

The end section takes a woman who couldn't kill a fish and suddenly turns her into MacGuyver, with hook traps, a nasty line in genital mutilation (a lot of that about...) and climaxing with the big fan gag. Slapstick and horror can be good friends sometimes, but it didn't fit at all with the rest.

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Post by zoltan »

Originally expecting this to be run of the mill backpackers in peril affair but i was wrong this was great with some of the most inventive death scenes seen in a long long time. Those three sick ***** really got what they deserved.
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Post by Laymonite »

"To catch a mad dog, you have to think like a mad dog. Only madder".

Was there really a better quote over the whole weekend than this? The only other one that can come close would be from Joshua, "Don't you know never to beat your kid in public on the weekend?"

Storm Warning was great, a real crowd pleaser. The first half was very tense and I really felt sorry for the two characters. Then the second half was loads of fun. Lots of cool kills and clapping from the audience. That trap they set was ridiculous, but was a great moment in the film and also the whole weekend.
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Post by Jekyll »

Took a long while to get going for me, but once the captives turn the tide on their captors it was great all the way to the end.
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Post by lupogirl »

Only a bit of a slow start then kicked into gear. Thought it was entertaining. With some unsavoury characters who got their just desserts. When she was in the barn I thought it was more like a one woman A Team. Some good tension and death moments.
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Post by xLeft For Deadx »

My mate slept through the first half of this, and woke up when they were moved into the barn - and he thought it was awesome. However, I suffered through the first half of the film, and it just made me despise the two lead characters to the point that I was dissapointed that at least one of them didn't die horribly.
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Post by iam_dan »

did take its time to get started but then i think it made things all the more shocking in a way too and very grizzly deaths and ouch again i had my legs crossed and made my eyes water...what are team frighfest trying to tell me...hehe
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Post by Sarah of the Dead »

There was just too little logic in this for it to work for me.
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Post by DavieT »

Weak little french girl morphs into Rambo and offs three rednecks in a manner they pretty much deserve - much better than I thought it was going to be. Ohhh that jagged bottlecap!
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Post by maxmum »

Last 20 mins were ok,but can't imaging sitting through the rest of it again.
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Post by Reanimator »

A bit slow to start but this was very enjoyable with a good last 20-30 minutes
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Post by soulmining »

Definitely a film of two halves... very slow first half and the characters were really one-dimensional. Thankfully the second half was much better, it was a real crowd pleaser with the outrageos methods of killing off the bad guys.
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Post by rawshark »

Sorry - didn't do it for me. Seen it all before, and the guy was perhaps the weakest lead 'hero' I think I've ever seen...

Good to see another Rottweiller in there though, munching on a guy's groin - adding yet another theme to the whole weekend..
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Post by AndyJWS »

"To catch a mad dog, you have to think like a mad dog. Only madder"
That awful, cheesy yet quite comical line was the turning point of the film that started as a bland snoozefest but ended as a MacGyvering Straw Dogs meets Braindead... felt sorry for those who walked out before the switch, but could still do with cutting out a good half hour from the first half...
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