Wrong Turn 2

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Wrong Turn 2

Post by AdeBrown »

I've not seen the first one (but will probably check it out now).
The true appeal of this film can be summed up with the following equation:
Henry Rollins = Stallone/Schwarzenegger

Other than Rollins as the ex army TV "Reality" survival host (if you've seen Fort Boyard then you will know the horror)
we get the usual suspects of the "invitation to a Haunted House" type film. The sensitive jock, The annoying comedian, the airhead actress, the porn actress and the moody emo vegan. They are here for a prize for whoever "survives" the TV show games. A fair crack at the "want them all to die" type of stalker film, and even leaves you wanting someone other than Rollins to survive.

Oh, and "WARNING: TOXIC WASTE - may cause mutation!" :)
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Post by jonbly »

Good stuff. Knew what it wanted to be - good messy gorey fun - and delivered.

Too many of the mutants looked like Klingons for jonbly's liking... and the non-mutant cast were pretty lightweight (barring the female survivor and good ole Henry). As for the cheesy green goo at the end...

But good fun.

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Post by Laymonite »

Pretty good one, this. Not nearly as good as the first though. The best thing about it was Henry Rollins (and I'm speaking as someone who doesn't know his music), I really rooted for his character. Was a shame he didn't survive.

I was a little saddened that the director felt he had to come on stage and slag off other films, particularly Hills Have Eyes 2. I didn't like HHE2, but come on now. I don't think comments like that are needed, just concentrate on your own film.
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Post by Jekyll »

A sequel to Wrong Turn didnt exactly give a good vibe about this.

But was a great laugh, some truly gross out moments and never took itself seriously.
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Post by lupogirl »

I actually enjoyed the sequel more than the first. Very much done for laughs. Some well defined characters. Really like Henry Rollins. He really did kick bottom. I also don't know any of his music.

Some great crowd pleasing deaths. Dynamite stick down trousers and one arrow skewing two people. Really good stuff!!!
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Post by lone star »

A really enjoyable ride, with some great sequences throughout.

Like lupogirl I was quite underwhelmed by the original Wrong Turn and so wasn't sure about the sequel. I was very pleased to have these concerns swept away within the first 5 minutes!

Also Joe Lynch gave a fun and informative Q and A, bring him back to future fests too.
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Post by iam_dan »

very different style to the 1st 1 which i did enjoy was definetly done for 80s horror fans with some great deaths
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Post by DavieT »

Not a fan of the first so was a bit wary of a sequel to it. However all those doubts went away after Kimberley Caldwell's swift dispatching. Agree with the Klingon comment below - kinda melted redneck ones.

played for gory laughs and it really worked - Henry Rollins was great and I did like the "lets tie up the self-harming vegan with razor wire and feed her entrail casserole" bit.

Entertaining Q&A from Joe Lynch too.
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Post by Grindhouse »

its sequel time at ff,heres wrong turn 2
now the start of this movie i hated it,i didnt like the reality tv angle i thought it was so weak and lame,and after 20 mins or so i forgot about that and just got carried away with the mayhem and it totally turned it around for me,its just a no brains fun piece of splatter gore film.

Only thing i really didnt like was the toxic waste angle soon there will not be any difference between wrongturn and the hillshave eyes apart from location.
and the brutality of the killings
they should have just kept it as it was.

if it aint broke dont fix it.
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Post by Reanimator »

Not as good as the original but very good fun - Joe Lynch was great (especially when he slagged off The Hill have Eyes 2) - not sure there is mileage for another sequel however
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Post by soulmining »

I didn't like the first Wrong Turn film, but having seen the trailer for this sequel online a few months back I knew it would play well...

Totally delivered - hugely entertaining, some really gory deaths and Henry Rollins totally owned the movie. Also gave me my first "jump" of the festival when that first car smash happened.

Joe's a top bloke too - his enthusiasm for the genre reminds me of QT!
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Post by rawshark »

Joe was cool, but the film didn't really do much for me, I'm afraid...

Sure the gore was great, and Henry Rollins again proved that he's an extremely charismatic actor, but the dudes in the forest looked like they were wearing masks, and there were far too many problems with it (the girls go on a survival weekend in high heels? / the rope trap was physically impossible if the ropes are tied to the trees) for me to fully go along with the funfair ride attitude.
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Post by ghouldrool »

great gore but i see the old fella from the superior first flick seems to have learned how to wash. and how cool was his expression before he blew up

the ret con of the origins was a dumb idea and nice to hear it was a studio decision. toxic waste from 30 years ago even though the first film clearly shows theyve been doing this since the last century. and how is the old git their father when he hid from their truck at the end of the first (he didnt know our heroes were the drivers)

Rollins was cool and definately put in there as a crowd pleasing character. Great bluff with them killing who we were sure would be the Final Girl.

loved the spoofing of complicated reality show set ups
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Post by Payne »

I really enjoyed wrong turn 2, it was the kind of film that doesn't ask anything of you as an audience and just sets out to entertain you, plus the splash factor always adds a little something to the lost in the woods genre.

As for bringing Joe back, He's already said that next years fest is already on his to do list
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Post by scrobble »

I really enjoyed this too, am so glad I didn't skip out of it (it was a toss-up for me between eating a meal and this again, as Teeth nearly was). I found this very entertaining, good fun, and, thank goodness, so much better than the original, which would have benefitted from more humour.

The Q and A and intro were very entertaining, too - I love seeing directors who have a real enthusiasm for their work and the genre.

And Henry Rollins was just awesome - it would have been so easy to turn him into a real parody of a he-man-like survivalist character, but the tone was just right.
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