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Post by AdeBrown »

Hitchcock tribute act.
I was predisposed to dislike Lebeouf because of his comedy sidekick role in Constanteen, but he's very good in this. It is a basic Children's Film Foundation reworking of Rear Window with american teen heroes. The house arrest thing seems a bit contrived - what if there's a fire? But Le Beouf carries off the slacker-kid going stir crazy.
David Morse used to be the good guy in St Elsewhere, but since his character went off the rails he's been the go to guy for neighbourly suspicion and psychopathy.

Le Beouf watches his neighbours because he's confined to the house, but like Jimmy Stewart in the original, he avoids this being creepy (and he pulls the girl anyway).
Rather mainstream but still a well-contructed film. The tension of the climactic scenes as the facade of neighbourhood calm dissolves is the best nod to its Hitchcockian roots.
I liked this.
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Post by jonbly »

Well made and really didn't put a foot wrong, despite that suspicious taint of Hollywood.

Muffy St. John
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Post by Muffy St. John »

Ade, can't be sure, but I think if you're under house arrest and there's a fire in your house.... the police would be pretty understanding if you went into the 'red zone'.

This film was OK, but when you're being compared with Rear Window, you'll always look like a (very) poor relation!
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Post by Laymonite »

An excellent mainstream thriller. I admit that I do like these by-the-numbers thrillers, such as Red Eye and Derailed. You can tell what's going to happen but it's done with a nice sheen.

After this and Transformers, I'm defintely a fan of Shia LeBoof. Isn't he going to be in Indy Jones 4? I hope he isn't just a comic relief side kick, he's better than that.

And how good was the house party scene? Blaring out Loving You Is Easy Cos You're Beautiful was just great!
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Post by Jekyll »

OK but didnt really do anything more than I expected it to do.
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Post by lupogirl »

Another film I rather enjoyed. A modern updated version of Rear Window. Nicely paced film with a few jumps. The two leads were excellent and the characters they played teenagers who have more than one grey cell and you cared about what happened to them.
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Post by lone star »

Considering this was dripping with Hollywood gloss I really enjoyed it.

It balanced the humour and horror well and kept me entertained throughout. Shia LeBeouf is a likable lead and David Morse was certainly creepy.

The car crash at the start was well executed and felt quite brutal too
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Post by iam_dan »

i really enjoyed this and yes is very much a main stream thriller, likable characters and creepy villian...boo hiss...a good saturday night popcorn movie
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Post by maxmum »

jonbly wrote:Well made and really didn't put a foot wrong, despite that suspicious taint of Hollywood.

I agree, really enoyed this one.
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Post by thesavageintruder »

Mainstream never has to automatically mean crud...and this was first-rate stuff, the best REAR WINDOW reworking i've seen since John Carpenter's SOMEONE'S WATCHING ME. The basic set up is hard to beat for suspense, and was well used here, with some witty details (loved the heroine's ring tone!), a terrific lead performance and the hottest girl since...er, Mandy Lane the night before!
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Post by DavieT »

Very likeable lead in Shia LeBoeuf and a very effectively creepy villain in David Morse. Very well crafted and balanced with some nice touches. The whole movie worked very well - one of the best for me.
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Post by Reanimator »

Very disappointing - far too slow and an hour or so of someone looking out of windows did nothing - the ending was far too predictable as well
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Post by soulmining »

Totally agree with all the other positive comments - a really good glossy Hollywood thriller. And another horrific car crash to start with.
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Post by rawshark »

As a firm fa of Shia LaBeouf, I really liked this one (apart from the final 5 minutes, but hey)..

One of the best 'big budget' chillers I've seen in a while, and one of the only times during the whole weekend that my arm hairs actually stood on end when Shia zoomed in on his mate's footage taken inside the house.
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Post by scrobble »

I was surprised at just how much I enjoyed this. I went in expecting it to just be teen high-budget soft-horror tat, and got absorbed in the story.

I loved watching Shia LeBoeuf's character make his 'Twinkie Tower' out of sheer boredom early on in his house arrest!

The only low point for me was the start, with all the setting up of the 'perfect' father-son relationship - it was just too sickly and Hollywoody for my liking.
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