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I enjoyed it, mainly for the camp killer!

And yes, why would the Russian characters speak to each other in English?
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Post by scrobble »

Good fun, and welcome after the harshness of The Girl Next Door.

The hammy Russian accents were all part of the fun - and the plot was genius, how many people would have thought of putting the crazed descendants of Ivan the Terrible in an office block setting?

I was a little bemused at one audience member's question about whether the film was only set in one location because of budget issues...for me, setting it in one location was the obvious way to film it.
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Post by streetrw »

This was insane! You can't possibly take this movie seriously. I didn't mind that they were all speaking English (it didn't harm the Hunt For Red October) even in comedy Russian accents. It was tosh, very entertaining and pretty stupid.

Would have liked more of Sean Pertwee though - he's barely in it but he's always watchable.
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Post by lone star »

Thoroughly enjoyed this from start to finish.

The zaniness of the whole thing just sucked me in. Its one of those films when you leave your brain at the door before watching and you'll be in for a good time.

Some very funny moments; can't get the stump of the arm being cordorized to Hamlet cigar tune out of my head!
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Re: Botched

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