Day Watch

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Day Watch

Post by AdeBrown »

We'd seen this before so opted out of a repeat so we could get some food.
What I thought of it was, more of the same from the Night Watch team, perhaps better over all, but defined too much by the good and bad (light and dark) lines where the first film blurred them. A lot of potential was apparently lost when the director fell out with Fox over some americanisation (and I mean conceptual rather than cultural).
A little sad to see the reboot everything ("it was all a dream" type) ending, but that sort of thing can always be undone in sequels. The guy who plays Anton and the one who plays the leader of the dark side put in fine performances, and everyone else in the large cast dances around them a bit too much.
But in total, I'd rather see a franchise like this than Underworld etc
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Running Zombie
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Post by Jekyll »

Had already seen this on a russian dvd earlier this year, but rather than skip it I thought well maybe it will be better on the big screen.

Wasn't really, still waiting for this series to really catch my imagination especially after the excellant trailer for the original night watch but that was a while ago now.

Once all the films are done there is probably a really great story in there somewhere just not sure it has been fully realised.

Oh well.
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Twitching Corpse
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Post by iam_dan »

throughly enjoyed this great set pieces and has its own very unique style but a great movie and so much fun to watch
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Post by jonbly »

Very much a straight sequel. Whatever you thought of Night Watch, you'll probably think of this one.

Interesting way to finish the second film in a trilogy! It didn't make much sense that the other Others remembered everything, though...

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Undead Horde
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Post by Reanimator »

This was too long and very messy with a weak storyline - a disappointing follow up to the much better Nightwatch
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Post by lupogirl »

Was going to miss this one as I saw a test screening for this but was for a dubbed version. Heaven forbid!!!!

Glad I raced down the aisle to watch it again. Looked absolutely stunning. Had some great set pieces. Just love the way the subtitles are integrated within a scene. Changes colour and turns to mist. Glad it was kept the same way like Night Watch. Even though I did get confused again but certainly not bored.
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Post by soulmining »

I'd already seen this before (dubbed - boo!) so was debating whether to skip it, but I'm so glad I decided to stay... absolutely loved it second time around, maybe because I remembered the plot and didn't have to concentrate on the story quite so much! Builds on the strengths of Night Watch and has some very funny scenes as well as loads of action - almost over-eggs it at times, but wow, I loved it. Subtitles... mmm, much better.
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Post by rawshark »

A good solid conclusion to one of my favourite films from two years ago...

Will be buying on DVD, and crossing my fingers Fox decide to go with the subtitled version on its theatrical run...
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Post by scrobble »

I wasn't sure about this before watching, although I did enjoy Night Watch last year (or was it the year before that?). However, I got drawn in, and liked the humour of it, even though a lot of the film seemed to make little sense and I wasn't sure about the whole 'Chalk of Fate' idea.

Bizarrely, our local cinema has posters for this up in the foyer, despite never having shown Night Watch...oh, the joy of rural living :roll:
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Twitching Corpse
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Post by stanley »

Maybe im missing something here but i thought it was awful. Very very messy and very very silly. Glooms, yo-yos,gatherings,levels,mask of snow,chalk, eh????? Nonsense.
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Post by streetrw »

I liked it more than the first one, which surprised me. The final scenes of city destruction are superbly done. But much of the plot is just crazy - the Chalk Of Destiny, bodyswapping ... I'll have to see the first one again.
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