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University Research Help

Posted: Mon Mar 25, 2019 8:25 pm
by NobleStag
Hi guys, I'm currently working on my final year report for university. For this I have made a selection of levels within a game, each showcasing a different horror game mechanics. If you're able to play games and would like to participate in my research, I feel like this forum is ideal in getting a perspective away from gamers and more towards horror enthusiasts.

A vital part of this is getting feedback on how the mechanics fit a horror game theme, and how they made you feel.

If anyone has some time to spare and consider participating in my research, I would be extremely grateful. Here is the link:!Ar2GBfHYvZsWj91zVjGAIIG21H2Eiw

The link is to a .zip file which has a game folder which will go through the levels in any order you wish. Also enclosed is a hyperlink to my questionnaire where you can provide feedback to me.

Again, if you consider participating, thank you very much!