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There are some creepy moments in this Mexican supernatural thriller, but a bit too few and far between for my liking, although my eyelids were very heavy during this, which probably didn't help. I wasn't keen on the ending although it was true to the story and the message the film was trying to convey.

6 / 10
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Re: Huesera

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Huesera is the most 100% real world film we saw this year. (Self selected 13 films :-) )
Set in Mexico where a former hardcore punk settles down to give her family what they appear to want. She gets pregnant, but then perinatal psychology (or is it?) causes her to fall apart, and those around her to have their prejudices confirmed.
It's spooky and scary and very real. Especially if you take the perinatal depression as seen from the mother to be's perspective
My wife was interested to know if the impact of that perspective was different for men. I'd add, or for mothers.

A great choice of film for the festival
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