A forest of deepest fears, dark rituals, blood ceremonies epic forces of destructive nature turbo-charged, Hong Kong action, a roadkill roadshow, documented true possession, explosive telekinetic violence, Satanic bedlam, rural American Gothic retro styled body parts, the most controversial remake ever and Stephen King!  It’s time to journey to the dark side of your tormented soul as FrightFest goes beyond the pale once more in Glasgow for another screamtastic selection of the finest in contemporary genre cinema.

Team FrightFest has assembled a unique line-up that in terms of range, power and new talent is second to none. Trust us, nothing so appalling in the annals of past horror has come close to the panic-stricken programme we unleash as part of the Glasgow Film Festival at that most fabulous and audience-friendly of venues, the Glasgow Film Theatre.

FrightFest Glasgow kicks off on the evening of February 25 with the UK premiere of THE FOREST starring Natalie Dormer searching for her twin sister in Japan’s most haunted location, the fabled Sea of Trees. We are also delighted to announce that the headlining ‘Game of Thrones’ star will be joining us for this gala event.

On Friday 26th, we showcase five tales of terror focusing on the diversity of the modern genre movie in 2016. The nerve-shredding American Horror Story THE HEXECUTIONERS from the MONSTER BRAWL/PONTYPOOL collective. ANGUISH, a resonant account of supernatural law and psychological disorder, which critics have called the creepiest independent horror since IT FOLLOWS. The crowd-pleasing fast moving post-apocalyptic nightmare CELL, based on the bestseller by terror icon Stephen King.  THE MIND’S EYE delivers mutant mayhem with stylish panache, irresistible pizzazz and a killer soundtrack to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. Finally PATCHWORK, a gore-galore, retro-driven highlight hilarity that channels both Frankenstein and Frank Henenlotter.

On Saturday 27th, get ready for an early start for our seven film marathon of mystery, murder, and menace. The Scandinavian smash hit epic disaster movie THE WAVE.  The highway-set circle of death anthology SOUTHBOUND.  The latest work directed by Johannes Roberts and produced by SWITCHBLADE ROMANCE/THE HILLS HAVE EYES auteur Alexandre Aja, THE OTHER SIDE OF THE DOOR. An eerie and evocative spectre spectacular set in exotic India dealing with the spirit of an evil goddess.  One of the biggest Hong Kong box-office sensations of recent years SPL2: A TIME FOR CONSEQUENCES. Starring Asian superstars Simon Yam and Tony Jaa, this dazzling action thriller will have your jaw on the floor and your eyes wide in astonishment. Genre festival favourite Can Evrenol's BASKIN.  For many, Pascal Laugier’s MARTYRS was the last decade’s greatest and most disturbing horror film. Now we have the highly anticipated American remake for you to witness. What will be your view? And finally, Sean Byrne’s THE DEVIL’S CANDY.  Byrne gave us THE LOVED ONES a few years ago, and his latest outstanding and refreshingly original shocker is the icing on the FrightFest Glasgow 2016 cake.

Director's Joe Bagos, Johannes Roberts and Can Evrenol will be joining in the fun introducing their films joined by THE SEASONING HOUSE and HOWL director Paul Hyett with the first glimpse of footage from HERETIKS that finished shooting barely two months ago.

Add in the usual surprises, shorts and give aways that FrightFest is world famous for, it's time to make a date for the last weekend of February in Scotland. We promise to leave you shaking like a leaf this leap year.


Due to circumstances beyond our control we have had to withdraw CELL from the 6:30 PM slot on Friday 26th of February. If you were looking forward to this in particular, we are sorry.  There was absolutely nothing we could do about it, and believe us, we tried.

However, every cloud has a shiver lining, and we are delighted to announce that we have replaced it with the world premiere of the latest ground breaker from one of our good FrightFest friends. Director John Suits joined us in 2014 to present THE SCRIBBLER to our discerning audience. Now he’s given us the viral chiller PANDEMIC and our beloved Scottish audience will be the first people on the planet to see it.


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