From September 1 – 5, FrightFest is offering an online selection of the ‘Best of the Fest’ so those who were hesitant about returning to the traditional venue can still join in our genre celebrations while giving those in attendance the chance to catch up with the titles they might have missed. And with some choice new additions to further whet the appetite, it’s yet another reason to continue the festivities or simply join the shock extravaganza.

In a year shaped by global upheaval, travel restrictions, delayed releases, film industry turmoil, and cinema closures, like every other internationally recognised festival, FrightFest had to adapt to the daunting urgency of the times. But thanks to the community support we have built up over 22 years of sensational turnout, we managed to stage three hugely successful events online – London August 2020, London Halloween 2020 and within the Glasgow Film Festival 2021 – to remain relevant while retaining FrightFest’s all-important identity as a key innovator, one offering unique opportunities to immerse oneself in a rich and diverse programme of new and must-see movies.

Because even in times of social isolation and cultural crisis, FrightFest knew it had to remain at the forefront and lead the way in championing the genre and prioritizing independent voices with a second-to-none line-up. And a great deal of the positive feedback FrightFest received regarding this shift online came from viewers in other parts of the country who were attending the festival for the very first time, freed from the cost burdens of travel and accommodation. They literally begged us to continue with this repositioned strand so they wouldn’t miss out. 

FrightFest will always see the collective theatrical viewing experience as central to our mission. Nothing can replace the anticipatory buzz waiting for the house lights to dim in a crowded Cineworld, or catching up with festival friends from far-flung corners of the world over a foyer chat. But now we relish the prospect of commitment to virtual programming and how it will complement, enhance, and expand the reach of our in-person programming. So for the first time in FrightFest’s always forward-thinking history, we have embraced the newly minted hybrid format to satisfy our past, present, and future community. 

So have no fear – actually, DO have loads of fear – as The Arrow Video FrightFest premium digital event will be available to ensure maximum value for audiences as incorporating the virtual space platform into our programming schedule becomes the New Normal.

Pass holders and sigle ticket holders will be able to choose what to watch across all three screens, which will be streamed as live, and only once. All films are geo-locked and can only be viewed in the UK.