The Arrow Video FrightFest hosts many events each year. The main three are our Scottish mini-festival each February/March, our August five-day 70 + film extravaganza in London and finally our annual Halloween event.


The FrightFest annual trip to Scotland, the Glasgow Film Festival and the GFT has now been confirmed. We look forward to returning in person for three days on the 10th, 11th and 12th of March 2022.

The full lineup of 11 films ticketing details plus guests attending will be announced in early January 2022.

Please note. All ticket sales are final.  FrightFest doesn’t refund tickets.  Please take your time when selecting the films that you want to see and then your seats from the seating plans getting it correct first time. Ticket prices are subject to booking fees. 

Our Covid-19 Policy can be found HERE